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Driving Long Distance

Growing up as a kid, my Dad had a car (an old Fiat). We also happened to live in the city of Agra, home to the Taj Mahal. Back in the days, families went to meet each other for holidays! Taj Mahal being on the list of everyone’s must visit monuments, our relatives kept flowing one after the other to our house in Agra over the years that we stayed there. Given this unique combination of living in a city full of historic sites and a car, my dad happened to drive a lot and I went along in every trip. That was one of my favorite parts of growing up as a kid. I remember driving through the same routes with different relatives. Some of these monuments were a bit farther out and it took an hour or may be two to get there. Once we got there, we would hang out and part of hanging out was eating sweets and snacks with my cousins (I am sure there were other relatives around but I mostly rememeber my cousins).

I must have made a connection early on in my mind that past a long drive lies fun. I still don’t understand the desire to drive or ride when there are easier options to take. I must have picked it up from my dad during those drives. Even though he never really said how much he enjoyed them, I think as a kid it’s easy to pick up when someone is feeling really happy.