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Lesser Stuff

In October 2013, I went on a two week motorbike trip in Vietnam. I rode from Ho Chi Minh City upto Mui Ne, stopping at several places on the way and rode back stopping at the same places again. To prepare for the trip, I bought a small backpack and fit a bunch of stuff into it. Apart from some clothes, I fit in my laptop, my ipad, earbuds, a water bottle and a few other things I absolutely needed. After being on the road for about a week, I noticed that I wasn’t missing my other ‘stuff’. At the end of the second week, it was clear to me that I could live off this stuff for months. It was a liberating feeling. I had everything I needed to live a good life with me – my bike to take me to places, my laptop so I could work on stuff I cared about and enough essentials to keep me going as a person. It was my first experience with ‘lesser’ stuff and I decided to stick with it. Since then I have been living off the same backpack. It weighs about 8 kg and it goes everywhere with me without being a burden.

Since then, I have tried to have lesser stuff in other aspects of my life too. After all, physical baggage isn’t the only kind of baggage we carry around. Lesser fears, lesser grudges and lesser expectations from others. Also fewer pre-conceived notions about life and people. As a result I have far fewer things to worry about now. If less is more in software, it’s certainly true of our lives!