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New Thoughts - New Blog

Over the last few years, I almost neglected my personal blog. I got busy with SupportBee and travel but the bigger reason was that I wasn’t sure of what to write about on my blog. A lot of my writing involved SupportBee and technology and went on the SupportBee Blog and Devblog. Also short thoughts went on to Twitter.

The last time I wrote about a new experience was back in September 2010 when I wrote about the cafe culture in Vietnam. Since then I have traveled a lot more, met a lot more people and had a chance to think about life and work. Lately, I feel the urge to write again and write about more things. Not just startups but many other experiences and perspectives. Since this is a very different theme from my old blog, I have decided to archive my old blog and start afresh. I welcome you to my new blog. I hope to post atleast once a month on things that interest me personally. Thank you for reading :)

I am using Octopress for this blog, which was very easy to install and setup on Github. Thank you Octopress!